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Why, dad?

why.jpg Why? A question that has been asked for centuries by scientist, philosophers and musicians. But it most often asked by children. If you have a child, you know this question and more than likely you HATE this question. Why do birds have wings? Why is the sky blue? Why do farts smell? Why, why, why?

Truce is not a big fan of the “Why?” question. Through all the advances in communications that Truce has made over the past 3 years, why, eludes him. For him, the whole concept of cause and effect is hard to grasp. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I am in the other room and I hear a loud crash come from the kitchen. I run in there to see Truce standing above a pile of broken dishes. He will look up and me and say, “What happened?” Yes, he will ask what I should be asking. He’s not asking to be a smart-mouth (like I probably would at his age) he just knows that will be the question I will ask. He’s beating me to the punch.

Truce has come so far. Anyone who knows him will attest to that. Explaining something that happened is the next bridge that I would love for him to cross. The other day at school he was acting up and I asked why. He said, “I sad.” I asked why was he sad. Did someone hurt him, make fun of him, or was he frustrated? Why were you sad, I asked again. He looked at me and I could tell the wheels were turning, but he didn’t have an answer.

Later, I told Jennifer that I wish he could explain things to me. To tell me, why. Like every other wish that I have had for him to this point, he will get it. Of that, I have no doubt. So, for those of you with little ones, think twice before you roll your eyes or sigh the next time they start to go on about why something happened. Just listen to it with a smile and know that you are blessed.

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  • This is a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. I think your little boy is blessed with patient, understanding parents.

    Amy Askins

    January 30, 2009

  • Keith,
    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life. I love to hear what Truce is doing. You, Jennifer and Truce all rock.


    January 30, 2009

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