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1 Down, 161 to go

rangLet me use every possible baseball quote here:  “It’s a long season”, “We have to take them one game at a time”, “We got roughed  up today, but we will get back out there tomorrow”, etc, etc, etc.  The Tribe dropped their season opener in Texas 9 – 1.  Cliff Lee came in with a Cy Young award and left the game with a 12.60 era.  He has stuggled all spring, but then came into this game and sat the first 3 batters down like spring training didn’t even happen.  Then the implosion, 4 runs in the secon and a three-run home run in the 5th.

I gave my outlook for this year  on January 29th. Two months have passed and I thought I better look and see what look different now that the season has started.
Closer – Well the game was a blow-out, so I will have to get back to you on this.
Power-Hitting DH – Well, Travis did get his at bats this spring so I look for him to put up 30 & 100.
3B – Still like Mark DeRosa, looking forward to having him this year.
Rotation – I thought I would not have to worry about 1-2 in the rotation, but this spring Lee was bad and Carmona looked more like the ace.  Pavano started out bad and got a lot better as the pre-season went on.  Still worried about the 4 & 5 spots.
Opening Day line up – OK, how close did I get it?
Predicted                    Actual
1. Sizemore                 1. Sizemore
2. DeRosa                   2. DeRosa
3. Hafner                    3. Martinez
4. Martinez                 4. Hafner
5. Peralta                    5. Peralta
6. Garko                     6. Choo
7. Fransisco                7. Shoppach
8. Choo                       8. Fransisco
9. Cabrera                   9. Cabrera
OK, so only 4 out of 9 spots, but 8 out of 9 players.  They sat Garko against Millwood, a lefty.

I’m just happy that baseball is back.  That means that summer is coming and the temperature is on it’s way back up.  I still think the Tribe has the chops to win the AL Central.  (and Sickles, the White Sox suck).

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  • Lee was lit up like an arcade game. Was ’08 an enigma? Cleveland has as many holes as Chicago…though the Sox are the defending ALC champions.

    The AL Central is not a great division, but it’s very evenly matched. Should be an interesting year. I also expect a firesale in Detroit by June.



    April 8, 2009

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