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New technology section

I tend to live on the edge of technology.  I’m a tech geek.  From time to time I see a new app that does something cool.  I might event find a new gadget that is actually useful.  So, when that happens, I thought I would share with the group.

imgresSo, let’s start this new tech section out with something simple.  I mean, c’mon we don’t want to pull a hammy here or anything.  My first bit of tech is a little app that is currently free (but only for this weekend, so jump on it). I like to get apps when the company gives it away as part of special.  Lots of companies give their app away on the apps anniversary or because a site is offering a one day special.  I subscribe to several blogs that keep track of these kinds of deals, so I usually download them, even if I don’t think I will use it, but you never know.

Well, the story with this app is that I saw they were giving away 3 free apps (from AppyFriday).  I looked at what this does, which is simply to let you type to your phone using your computers keyboard.  After I downloaded it and hooked it up to my iPhone, I tried it and realized that this may be the most worthless app ever.  So, I closed it out and then proceeded upon my day.

About 10 minutes later, I got a text from my beautiful wife.  (Let me pause there to share how I have my office work set up.  I have an iMac that is my primary work computer and on that same desk, I have a JBL OnBeat Dock that I keep my phone on at work.  Its a good little speaker and I am usually listening to Slacker Radio or Pandora, all the while keeping my phone charging.) Well, I always jump to answer any text from my wife and when I do, I have to take the phone off the dock which stops the music.  Then, after I send my text, I have to scroll back to Slacker or Pandora and fire it back up to resume my music.  Then usually the conversation is not over and I have to repeat the process once again.  (By the way, typing this story, I keep saying “First World problem”, but I digress.)

I said, “Wait a minute here” and fired back up the Type2Phone app I was so quick to dismiss.  I touched the text area on my phone WITHOUT interrupting my music and typed my message using my iMac’s keyboard.  The big difference between your phone and a full keyboard is speed.  So, I whip off my message to Mrs. Souza and hit send.  Genius.

I have had a computer work weekend and so I have had my phone by my side for most of the weekend and have replied to a dozen or so texts using my new free app.  Pretty cool solution to a problem that I didn’t even know I had.