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How well do you know yourself?

I am rarely shocked. Here’s why: I work in the stock market, my best friend is Mark, I am an Indians fan (remember the ’97 World Series?), I served on the Danville City Council, and I am Russ Souza’s son. So needless to say, my shock meter is seldom activated. However, it was triggered tonight.

One of my clients stopped in the office and brought her daughter with. I used to work with the daughter at the bank. She told the story of when her mom had first met with me. Her mom asked what she knew about me. She told her that when I was looking for my first car out of college I researched the hell out of it. That is what she remembered about me 16 years ago. I guess that I’m grateful THAT is what she remembers about me. The thinking was that if I was that rigorous then, I would surely take investing with the same great detailed care.

I thought it was funny, so I shared it with my wife. When I told her that I was surprised she remembers me as a “research” guy that would put so much effort into buying a car. Jen started laughing, “Yea, BIG shock there.” I said, “What? I have never put that much effort into car buying.” “Are you kidding me?”, was her reply. “You put hours into every car you have ever bought?” That was when I should have just shut up. I started to plead my case, only to have every point shot down. We came up with the phrase for me: calculated spontaneity.

The thing that ticks me off is that she’s dead on. I AM that guy. That was my shock. I thought I knew myself, guess not. Then tonight I’m sitting here on the sun-porch listening to the Tribe game and reflecting on things. I research almost everything I do to the point of nausea. I never realized that until tonight. Wow, almost 39 years old and I’m still learning about myself. I almost want to go to a dealership tomorrow and trade cars just to show Jen up. If only I hadn’t done so much research on this car….damn, there I go again.

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