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My Gear

I use a bunch of different gadgets (as most people call them).  I tend to be an advocate for the items that I use.  A Raving Fan, if you will.  I would be interested in hearing if someone else has a better solution or things there is a better option out there.  This list may take a while to compile, so bear with me here.  I’ll start in order of use/importance and go from there.

Keith's iPhone (complete with my son's face on the lock screen)

iPhone 4S

My love affair with the iPhone started the day that Steve Job’s said, “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” He may have gotten that right.  250 million or so sold and I think anyone would agree.  I owned 4 versions of the iPhone starting 3 days after the original release date.

I have looked at others phones, but I know my iPhone so well and love how it works so well with my Apple TV, iMac and iPad that I don’t see myself changing anytime soon.  I love being able to use the Bluetooth to connect to my car and listen to Indians games or play my favorite playlist wirelessly to my JamBox.  Having the same phone for almost 6 years you tend to know it pretty well. I will be sharing some of the apps that I’m keen on under my new section Using Technology soon enough.

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