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Clean up of

Hey, everyone. I was having technical difficulties with my website and had to take it down to fix it. I restored my previous posts and realized how little I update this. It’s sad.

We are back up and running now and have made the commitment to write more on it. I was inspired this weekend by a friend from high school who is religious about writing on her blog. So, thanks, Brigid.

Excuses are like….
I like to call myself a writer. If being a writer is writing one paragraph and storing it in your hard drive, than, brother, I’m a writer. I like to make excuse after excuse as to why I don’t write more: “I need to make my blog look perfect. I need to set up my office so that I can write with no distractions. I will wait until Truce goes to bed. I need to wake up in the mornings, that’s why I don’t write then. I need…I need…I need.

Well, I’m writing this post with the football game on (Giants are winning) and Truce is right next to me. As, I put things back together, I made a list of posts so that I have some ideas ready to go. No more excuses.

Why Writing?
I have always fancied (did I just use the word fancied) myself a creative guy. Quick-wittedness has always been my strong suit. I have never played an instrument, I can’t paint, or draw. So, that leaves writing. That leaves the question; How do I turn my smart-mouth into written word? The answer is by dedicating myself to doing it. It’s like anything you want, you have to commit yourself and work at it. I’m going to give my writing career new life by committing to it.

More to come…..