Danville Economy TED Talks

Kill apathy

When I was on the city council I was amazed that when I would share stats that people did not know about them already.  I can’t tell you how many times during my election that I was asked who else is running.  I chalked it up to apathy.  People just don’t care or are too lazy to take the time to get involved.  After watching this TED Talk about apathy, I have a whole new perspective.

As you know, I love me some TED Talks and I usually only share the ones that hit home for me. I have sent this to the mayor and city council of Danville.  This video is only about 7 minutes long, but is very visually based.  If we want to make Danville a better place, we need to share great ideas like this video.  For more TED Talks, visit their website at


You missed your chance Detroit!!

A couple of weeks ago, the Detroit auto makers came to congress to ask for some cash to help their struggling companies. Congress asked them for their plan, and they didn’t have one. So much for asking dad for an advance on our allowance to buy more Hot Wheels.

What I thought was interesting about this exchange is the story regarding their travel habits. The news was that the 3 CEOs came to Washington via private jet. Not 1 private jet, three separate private jets. Each flight costing $20,000 for the round trip. The comparable flight on a commercial airline would have been about $750 dollars.

With all the outrage from the public regarding executive compensation, you would have thought these guys would have maybe thought about this. Its tough for the american public to sympathize with you guys when you spent $60,000 on a day trip to Washington to ask for $25B in taxpayer money.

Missed the Oportunity

What could one of them done to look like a hero? Assume the Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, gassed up a new 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid and headed out for the 8-hour trip to DC from Detroit. As the news story breaks that the other 2 CEOs flew their jets, Ford’s CEO pulls up to the hearings in his shiny hybrid. When the microphones are shoved in his face, he quotes, “I didn’t think it would be right to show up and ask for help after flying the corporate jet. Besides, the Ford Escape is one of the best cars for highway travel with an estimated 34 mpg.”

He could have been a hero and great salesperson. That could have been the story. The book is closed on what “could have been.”

So, today the big 3’s plans are due to congress and Mr. Mulally is driving to DC and the other 2 are flying commercial. Sorry guys, you only get one chance to make a first impression.