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File under: Things I should have thought of.

How many times have we said, “I could have thought of that”? Well, I had one of those tonight. While doing some website research, I was checking out some design work and one of the sites I stumbled upon was this:

I can’t explain it any better, so I will quote his site:

“In this up and down economy I’m outsourcing my wardrobe (namely shirts) to corporate america and you! I’m going to wear a different shirt for 365 days straight in 2009, take multiple pictures throughout my day and blog about it. Days are sold at “face value” so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365.”


By my figures, he stands to make $66,795 if he sells out the entire year (he’s sold out through September already). So, kudos to you, Jason, I should have thought of it.